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Theft Under $5000

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Ottawa Criminal Lawyer Reviews

Jean Dupont

3 days ago

★★★★★ Sounds corny but it was an oversight, I explained it to the security but it didn’t matter. I couldn’t afford for this minor incident to affect my employment which requires me to travel the USA. Nick was able to have his office appear in court for me, and have the theft under charges dropped completely.  This saved my time, a bit of personal embarrassment and my job.  Well worth his fee, and would recommend to others.

Sophie Martin

7 days ago

★★★★★ My daughter did something stupid, and was sorry for what she did but still had to appear in court for shoplifting. The lawyer who represented us was very compassionate and understood that this was an error by an otherwise upstanding person.  We came to court with the lawyer, letters from school and her part time job. The lawyer convinced the Crown Attorney to drop everything clearing her of the theft under charges and a criminal record. This was a happy day in our home and we have the lawyer to thank.  We highly recommend these people.

Lucas Rousseau

3 week ago

★★★★★ Highly recommend the firm and truly appreciate their hard work, this firm are the best at what they do, they have withdrawn my both charges of Drive over 80 and Impaired Driving. They are a bit pricey but however that’s what it needs for professionals to resolve your matters and they had the courtesy to have me pay it over a period of time so definitely worth it regardless. I recommend them to anyone with any kind of criminal cases specially what I went through as results was awesome. highly recommend 100% no doubt. I’m super happy with their work and results.

Alex Wilson

5 weeks ago

★★★★★ I recommend them because they won my case! My criminal charges were withdrawn and my record will be erased immediately. I recommend them 100% for any legal problem that you need. The results that they provided were very impressive. Thank you

John Stocco

2 months ago

★★★★★ I want to thank Mr. Mustafa for helping me with my issue at the Ottawa court.  Things weren’t going well with the crown.  I ended up calling, Mustafa was supportive and told me he could handle my case and speak to the crown attorney.  The next court date my the theft under charge was withdrawn and I paid a $200 fine, no criminal record. !

Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results and litigation outcomes will vary according to the facts in individual theft under cases.

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Experienced Theft Under Lawyers for Ottawa

Protecting Your Future: Legal Representation for Theft Under 5000 Charges in Ottawa

Legal Items of an Ottawa Theft Under Criminal LawyerBeing accused of theft under $5000 can be a daunting experience, especially for those who have never dealt with the criminal justice system before.

Convictions for theft under $5000 can have serious consequences, including a criminal record, fines, and even jail.

As theft under lawyers for theft at the Ottawa courts, here discuss what theft under $5000 means, the potential consequences, and the importance of hiring a Ottawa criminal lawyer to help with your case.

What is Theft Under $5000

Theft Under $5000 is a criminal offence defined in the section Criminal Code of Canada.

The law states that any person who takes or attempts to take someone else’s property without their consent and with the intent to deprive them of it, is committing theft. If the property in question is valued at less than $5000, the charge of Theft Under $5000 applies.

Here are some key things to keep in mind if you are facing a charge of Theft Under $5000 at the Ottawa courts:

  • The criminal justice system can be complex and intimidating to go alone.  The Crown attorney is not your friend but act for the victims & complainants to convict you of the charge. Our skilled lawyers can help you understand the charges against you and work to protect your rights and interests.

  • The consequences of a conviction for Theft Under $5000 can be serious, including fines, community service, and even jail time. A criminal record can also have a significant impact on your future opportunities, such as employment and travel.

  • For most cases our lawyers will appear in court on your behalf.  Accused persons do not have to appear before the court and judge. Our Ottawa theft under lawyers have a very high success rate whereupon most persons with previously clean records have charges dropped and avoid a criminal record. 

If you have been charged with Theft Under $5000 in Ottawa, it’s important to seek legal help from an experienced Ottawa theft under lawyer who can provide you with the guidance and representation you need to navigate the legal system.

Theft Under Penalties

A shoplifting or conviction for theft under 5000 can result in severe penalties, including job loss, fines, probation, and risk of imprisonment. 

Convictions for theft under can also result in problems with immigration, permanent residence, citizenship applications, and ineligibility for certain professions, jobs, and other opportunities, especially if your employed by the public sector in Ottawa.

Penalties for Theft Under $5000 can have a lasting impacts on your life. If you are convicted of this criminal offence, the consequences can include:

  • Criminal records: A criminal record affects, travel, employment & educational opportunities. Criminal records last for life and even affect things like volunteering for certain organizations.

  • Fines: You may be required to pay a fines as part of your sentence.

  • Jail time: Serious or repeated offences can result in a jail sentence of up to two years less a day in jail.

  • Restitution: You may be required to pay back any damages or losses resulting from the theft.

  • Probation: This is a type of sentence where you are released into the community under the supervision of a probation officer. You will have to follow certain rules and conditions, such as not committing any further criminal offenses or completing volunteer work.

  • Automatic arrest information showing up on vulnerable sector checks, police information checks, and other background record screenings in the future.

It is important to note that the penalties for theft under $5000 can vary depending on the specific circumstances of the case and the judge’s discretion. An experienced Ottawa theft under lawyer can help you understand the potential consequences you may face and develop a strong defence strategy to have charges dropped.

Our Theft Under Lawyers appear in court for you - You do not have to attend court, we appear for you.

Defending Theft Under

If you’re arrested for shoplifting or theft under $5000 in Ottawa, the police will give you a notice to appear in court.

As Ottawa theft under lawyers we can help you avoid appearing in court, and our lawyers can represent you on the court date specified in the appearance notice.

Here are some of the benefits of having a lawyer represent you in court:

  • With the help of our lawyers, many people with previously clean records have had charges withdrawn completely or reduced to community service or a diversion program.

  • Where the charge isn’t resolved on the first court date, our lawyer will follow up with the Crown Attorney to review the case and discuss the possibility of having the charge dismissed.

  • Over 95% of cases where those charged with theft under have been represented by counsel, the case has been resolved without criminal records, withdrawals, diversions, small fines and/or community service or volunteer work.

When deciding whether to prosecute an individual for theft under, the Crown Attorney will consider several factors, including criminal history, pending charges, the value or amount of goods taken, and other aggravating factors.

Our goal is to help our clients resolve their legal issues as quickly and efficiently as possible, avoiding a criminal record, while minimizing the impact on their lives and the social implications of appearing in criminal court.

Why a Lawyer for Theft Under Charges

If you’re charged with theft under or shoplifting, it’s important to have a lawyer experienced in theft under charges and dealing with the Crown Attorneys’ in the Ottawa courts.

Here are some of the reasons why to use a Ottawa theft under lawyer:

  • The lawyer can appear in court on your behalf, meaning you don’t have to attend court yourself. This can be a huge relief for many people who are anxious or uncomfortable with the legal process.

  • With the help of a theft under lawyer, you may be able to have the charges withdrawn or reduced to community service or a diversion program. This can have a significant impact on your life, including a criminal record.

  • A lawyer can also help you navigate the legal process, which can be complex and confusing. They can provide give advice & guidance on what to say and what not to say, and help you make the best possible case for yourself in court.

  • Should the case go to trial the lawyer will represent you, build a defence, cross-examine witnesses.  The lawyer is able to present legal arguments, motions and case law to the court in your defence.

In short, hiring a theft under lawyer can make a big difference in the outcome of your case. It can help you avoid the stress of appearing in court, and increase your chances of having the charges against you withdrawn or reduced.

Thank you, professional services, professional lawyer. My issue was cleared up at the Ottawa court, without me having to appear, very happy with the service from my lawyer, and would recommend. James Laurent, Ottawa.

Theft Under & Shoplifting Legal Fees

Being charged with a criminal offence is a serious matter and can have life-changing implications. We firmly believe that this is not a time in your life look for cheap or “affordable lawyers”.

This one event in your life can have long term implications on your reputation, livelihood and family.  When charged with any criminal offence, you need the very best legal representation to protect yourself and your future.

As theft under 5000 dollar lawyers, we charge a fee which represents the high caliber of legal representation that we provide, and that we’re confident that we can get this dropped for you.

Our goal is to win your case, and we will do everything in our power to provide the best possible defence. We will appear and arrange all court dates, disclosure requests, discussions with the Crown Attorney, and prepare all documents and motions for your case.

Prior to any trial, we will meet with the Crown Attorney to review and argue the merits of a withdrawal and to canvass any reduced charges. We will keep you informed and updated on your case and provide advice on what you can do to help your case, such as writing out your version of events, obtaining documentary evidence or witnesses, and arranging for counseling if necessary.

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