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★★★★★ Nicholas Charitsis is a TOP NOTCH lawyer of Toronto. I hired him for my DUI charge and he outlined what the results would be right from my first meeting. His associate Vadim kept me informed about what was happening with my file every step of the way. Eventually, my case was withdrawn and ended up paying $1000 fine and traffic ticket, NO CRIMINAL RECORD. Nicholas was excellent in communicating with me and made me feel at ease throughout the process.I would highly recommend these guys.

★★★★★ I have never thought anyone or anything could make a situation be dealt with so professionally and quickly from a criminal matter down to a spousal sponsorship matter. Mustafa has been handling our criminal matter case and we’ve been able to get out matter resolved within a couple months with a satisfactory result. Mustafa and his paralegal Joanna literally saved our lives by sending us another immigration consultant from their Team And giving us the best immigration consultant who was able to fix a mess bigger than her in size, act upon our issues with cbsa and more . My spouse and I have faced criminal issues, immigration issues, Cbsa issues, Divorce issues, that was fought and handled by these guys. Trust me they are all you need. Literally everything they touch gives you the best results. We appreciate you guys

★★★★★ Nicholas Charitsis is an exceptional lawyer who cares about his clients. Nicholas and his team are dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome. I was always able to speak with a lawyer regarding my case, even on weekends and holidays. His fees are reasonable for the top notch service and results that he gets. I highly recommend him.
★★★★★ Nick is a very good and trustworthy lawyer. You will not regret when he is the one you hire. He will do everything he can for a good result. Finding the right lawyer is difficult especially if your future is at stake. And to those who are looking for a lawyer, do not hesitate to call him and you will definitely lose your worries. Thank you so much Nick for the very good service and the good outcome of my case. I made no mistake in choosing you.
★★★★★ Mustafa Sheikh is a fantastic Lawyer. He has a heart to help, and keeps his clients best interests in mind. He is dedicated to working with his clients to ensure the best possible outcome. He focuses on giving his clients the best legal support they need for their individual situation. Mustafa is a people person and it shows through his empathy, understanding and great sense of humor . All which help to make the situation at hand feel as comfortable as possible and less stressful. He provides his clients with the best legal advice for their situation, which leads to a positive outcomes. I highly recommend Mustafa Sheikh as a lawyer. He is very professional and extremely good at what he does.

★★★★★ Nicholas handled the call himself. He was extremely humble. From there Maurizio handled my dad’s case. Very professional, very humble and very responsive. I never had to chase him for answers. He got amazing results for my dad’s case- no charges, no demerit points, nothing! Cannot thank him enough!!! God bless the team!!!

★★★★★ Mustafa Sheikh is one of the best lawyers I’ve ever worked with. He is extremely professional and a very compassionate person. He treats his clients very respectfully and you feel like a family. He works towards the best interest of his client and never stressed about money. We highly recommend him and his team for your legal needs.

★★★★★ I was first referred to Nicholas by a close friend after he had seen his reviews. My situation was a complicated one in regards to a Driving under the Influence charge I received on December 2017. Based on the events that took place on that night, I was incredibly confused as to how I could proceed with the courts. After meeting with Nicholas, I was incredibly confident in his abilities as a law professional. He assessed my situation with a great deal of focus and efficiency, while providing me with his full attention at any time I felt the need to call on him. During the court trial, I was very happy with his professionalism and case research skills. He was confident in his ability to execute a solid defense on my behalf and as a result, had all my charges dismissed. I would not hesitate to call upon his help once again or to recommend his skills to anyone else. I couldn’t be more thankful for his advice and skills as a law professional.

★★★★★ After a desperate call from some good family friends I was notified their son was in trouble. Being late at night and around Christmas time I found Mustafa, which in no time got back to me acquire about the situation. Mustafa and his excellent team of lawyers quickly got our friends son looked after super fast. Thanks Mustafa for being so professional in looking after a matter left in the past
★★★★★ I was charged with impaired over 80 and it was my second offence . I went to see Nicholas right away . I found Nicholas to be very honest and upfront about my case. In our first consultation I was advised what the crown would be looking for in the event that I was found guilty. I left the office feeling pretty low as I was likely to serve time and also have a 3 year absolute driving prohibition.Nicholas provided me with my options and gave me time to think about how I wanted to proceed. In the end I took his professional advise and pleaded guilty to a resolution that I feel he worked very hard to get. In the end I walked out of court with no jail time and a 9 month suspension. The results were amazing and actually exceeded my expectations of what could have resulted from these charges. Thanks again Nicholas for all your hard work. I would also like to thank all of your support staff that are a pleasure to deal with.
★★★★★ Mustafa is an awesome lawyer. He is a go getter and gets things moving! Always available when I need him. Very understanding and professional. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a criminal lawyer. He is reasonable with his fees and genuinely cares about his clients. The very best!! Thank you Mustafa:)
★★★★★ I was charged with dui with very high reading. I went to a lawyer and he seemed to care about was the money rather than discussing about my case. So I changed my lawyer and came to know about Mustafa. The minute I entered their office and just found a hope. Mustafa listened my whole story and just told me I gotch your back and to the words he had given me on that day, he fulfilled them all. He is man of his words. His team is best in town. I went to many lawyers but one thing i can say with surety there is no one like Mustafa. They dropped my charges and saved my immigration status. If you wanna hire the best lawyer. Just call them, trust me you are in good hands
★★★★★ Where can I start! A firm that puts his clients first sees the true meaning in people and give the law a jaw drop to show them what the law is going on here lol I can honestly say Mustafa and his crew have made me feel at home and calm I cannot thank anyone enough at this firm for how much they have helped me and my family! I would highly recommend this Criminal law firm to many people and show them that there is lots of hope with the right firm thank you again to @what the law for helping me in many ways
★★★★★ I was facing very serious charges. The bottom line is the charges were dropped successfully thanks to the hard work and effort that Yonatan put in. I truly believe I made the best decision of my life at a critical time by calling What The Law. Yonatan was incredibly professional, sympathetic and a masterful strategist. Most importantly he took the time to understand my perspective. When there were important decisions to make, he advised me but respected my right to choose. If ever I had a question or anything he responded promptly and I always felt confident in him and his work. I value his opinion without a doubt and know that he’s looking out for his clients’ best interests at all times. Looking back on the past year and all the events I am truly grateful for meeting Yonatan & Mustafa. There are certain people you meet in your life who can make all the difference and they are exactly that. I highly recommend Yonatan Eshetu as a defence lawyer as well as the What The Law team! I can’t thank them enough for all their efforts.
★★★★★ Mustafa is an amazing Lawyer. He did exactly what he said he do .. his experience is unsurpassed. I highly recommend him and his team ..the best lawyer period, consultation, service and knowledge. it truly was a great experience getting to work with you. thank you 100%
★★★★★ Nicholas is by far the most honest, hard working and effective lawyer that I have ever come across. His assistance with beating my domestic assault charges was incredible. He was well respected by the crown attorney and Judge, getting all of my charges dropped. The judge even commented at the hearing to say that I had a great lawyer. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending him to my family and friends.
★★★★★ I will start off by saying that Nicolas is a very kind and caring person and he also happens to be a great attorney. I came to him back in October of 2020 when I landed myself in a rather difficult and stressful situation. He was quick to calm my nerves and assure me that everything would be okay. He and his associate Mustafa promised me that they would get my case resolved and fast forward to May 2021, all the promises that they made were upheld. I highly recommend that you seek out Nicolas and his team if you ever land yourself in a position in which you need an attorney. Nicolas is very knowledgeable, compassionate and understanding. He and his team always strive to achieve the best possible results for their clients. All in all Nick and his firm did a wonderful job and I will definitely be recommending him to anyone and everyone who needs a lawyer.
★★★★★ Mustafa did an absolutely amazing job at withdrawing my criminal charges. He is so responsive and attentive and money is never an issue for him! He puts the precedent of his cases before anything, he is so kind and respectful to all his clients and you can most definitely take his word as he always follows through with it! Would highly recommend, I now have a clean criminal record thanks to Mustafa!
★★★★★ As a recent client of Mustafa Sheikh, I was impressed with the level of professionalism and compassion from him and his team. My case was resolved swiftly and satisfactorily. Both Mustafa and his team were approachable and responded promptly to queries and concerns. He afforded me a payment plan that did not adversely impact my financial status during the uncertainty of employment in this pandemic. His approachability has eased this difficult period for me and I would highly recommend him and his team. I appreciate all he has done in representing me.
★★★★★ Nicholas is an amazing lawyer! He helped my husband not face jail time from a difficult complicated case. Nicholas was always on time for court, honest, well-spoken and supportive.. my husband and I are extremely happy for selecting Nick as a lawyer, he’s helped my family in so many ways and we are greatly appreciated. I highly recommend Nicholas and his team for any legal help.
★★★★★ Going through my first case at my age was not something I ever expected, I was constantly worried and stressed to think that my future was comprimised and that all I had worked for was gone to waste. Mr. Shiekh, assured me to not worry or even stress, and not going to lie that was the most stressful part, however he was absolutely right I was able to continue my life while my case was being handled and the assurance and understanding that Mr.Sheikh had for me and my situation was beyond the duties of a lawyer. He was able to take care of my problem in a timely and orderly fashion, and always assured me that I was in good hands. I have no fear for my future now as Mr.Sheikh has given me that back and has shown me that if there’s ever any issues moving forward I know I am taken care of and in good hands. Hands down the best lawyer in Ontario and I would recommend him to anyone that ever comes across the need for his assistance. He will ensure your case comes first its not about the money its about you ! so if you ever need a lawyer dont be afraid to reach out you will be taken care of 100%.
★★★★★ Nick is top notch lawyer provide excellent legal service worth the cost. He was incredibly professional and gave me a great deal of confidence and knowledge that it would be handled to his best efforts. If you require professional legal representation or advice look no further. You will appreciate the comfort of having him experienced attorney looking out for your best interest.
★★★★★ I don’t usually write reviews but when it comes to this I have to. Mustafa and his team are by far the best lawyers not in Toronto, not in Canada, in the world. Mustafa isn’t just an amazing lawyer the man is a friend as well. He takes you on no questions asked. If you don’t have money he cares and helps, if you have money you get the exact same treatment then someone who doesn’t have money. I want to give this team 1000000 stars because they deserve it more then anything. I had some bogus charges and Mustafa and his team worked day in and out to get my charges withdrawn. Mustafa answered all my calls didn’t matter what time it was he was there for me. If you don’t choose him and his team I promise you are missing out completely. God bless Mustafa you are the best person to ever walk the face of this earth.
★★★★★ Nicholas was very professional and highly competent in dealing with my case. He outlined the best legal plan of action, including which steps we had to take to rectify the situation, and proceeded very effectively and promptly. To be honest, while shopping around for legal representation, I was getting bombarded with negative information and the possibility of the legal case ending with very dire consequences. However, in our first meeting, Nicholas was able to explain everything clearly and I left feeling cautiously optimistic with the plan that we had set in place. That feeling paid off because Nicholas worked very hard and managed to close the case quicker and with better results than I had expected. I feel very grateful for his hard work and would highly recommend him or would turn to him again if needed (knock on wood).
★★★★★ Nicholas is a rock solid criminal lawyer and I’ve had to use my fair share of lawyers in the past. When he makes a promise he keeps a promise. He beat 3 of my friend’s DUI cases over a 2 year period. Very well mannered , punctual and experienced lawyer who understands winning your case is the first priority. When my options were limited and the likelihood of a satisfactory outcome seemed highly impossible in my case , Nicholas was always one step ahead and still won my case. I’ve referred him to family and friends and they’ve all been highly satisfied with the results ! Keep up the great work Nicholas !
★★★★★ I was referred to Mustafa by a good friend who kept mentioning how amazing his lawyer is. I’m very glad I made the right decision with Mustafa handling my case. The best lawyer in Ontario! I would definitely recommend this lawyer to anyone who may need . He is very professional and affordable!
★★★★★ I am very grateful I had Mustafa Sheikh on my side. He is the best lawyer I have ever worked with! I was very stressed out and Mustafa was always there to answer any questions I had and always showed that he had my best interest. He was honest with me from the very beginning and never worried about payments. He went to court on my behalf and kept me up to date on everything so I could stay focused on my own career. I would highly recommend him if you want someone who you can trust to beat your case!
★★★★★ I have never had a criminal charge before and was intimidated by what the process may entail. Through online reviews I found Nicholas and I’m glad that I did. He was professional, courteous and well-informed. He has lots of experience and understands the current reality of the situation. Someone who you can trust as hiring a lawyer for a criminal offence is an important thing and I will definitely recommend you to put your trust in Nicholas.
★★★★★ I called Nicholas after I got my over 80mg charge, it was a very stressful time so picking the right lawyer was crucial. Nick was very professional & reassuring, I could tell he was going to be my best bet right away and I’m so glad I choose him & his team. They got it dropped to a ticket! No criminal charges! Thank you guys, I’ll appreciate it forever. If you are in my previous position, I wouldn’t choose anyone else. I wouldn’t hesitate hiring you again for anything else. I feel like I have my life back.
★★★★★ Mustafa Sheikh is a fantastic lawyer that I have ever met. First of all, He treat his clients as a family. You feel comfortable and secure while talking to him. We are so depressed when we were in legal trouble. But Mustafa promised with us that he will help us to get rid of all charges and he did what he said. Many many thanks to him. I will recommend his services to my friends if they need in future. I will give him 5 stars for his services. Thank you Mustafa so much. you made my day. I wouldn’t hesitate hiring you again for anything else. I feel like I have my life back.
★★★★★ Nicholas and his team were very professional and helpful. I had an impairment over 0.80 charge, and Nicholas was able drop the charges down to careless driving. The case was resolved very fast, and I didn’t have to testify in court. Nicholas and his team were even able to get me, my driving privileges back right after the last court date. I am very happy with the service and would definitely recommend Nicholas

★★★★★ In January I was charged with both Impaired Driving and Refusal to Blow. I’ve never been in trouble with the police before and didn’t know who to turn to. My livelihood depends on my ability to drive and to have no criminal record. After doing extensive research and dozens of reference checks I decided to reach out to Nicholas, who already had a number of great reviews. I was surprised that he personally answered my phone call on a Saturday morning! From my first phone call I could tell that he was professional, honest and extremely knowledgeable. Nicholas clearly explained to me what my chances were and gave me well thought out options on how to proceed. I felt extremely confident with him in my corner… As a result of the covid19 situation the courts were closed, but this didn’t stop Nicholas from working his magic. He obtained my disclosure from the Newmarket crown attorney office and found problems with the police case. Nicholas conducted pretrial with the crown attorney even while the courts were not in session. My charges ended up getting dropped to a traffic ticket with no criminal record and no suspension of my drivers license. I couldn’t have imagined a better result. Nicholas kept me informed every step of the way and guided me right from the start. He is extremely talented and worth the higher fees. Other lawyers had advised me to plead guilty, only Nicholas had a plan to fight and win. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and saving me from being ruined.

★★★★★ I suffered many sleepless nights after my arrest. Talked to many lawyers who didn’t give me any hope about my criminal harassment charges. After talking to Nick, he gave me light at the end of a very dark tunnel. Just a few hours after retaining him, he did magic and varied my bail conditions. If your looking for a lawyer that will keep his promises and get the job done, Nick is your man. I trust him, he and his crew have been in constant contact, keeping me informed and showing support during a very difficult time in my life. I feel a weight lifted off of my shoulders that I will have someone to trust through this journey and that will fight for me to the very end. Thank you Nick for having my back. I would recommend this lawyer to anyone. There are no false promises, they don’t take your money and just sit on the case. They start work right away. Nick is amazing at what he does!
★★★★★ My son made a mistake… lost his way… and thru it all Mustafa showed nothing but compassion love care and treated him like his own son… always took our calls of despair no matter the hour… and he kept his promise to be by my son’s side to the end. God bless you Mustafa and your 2nd in command Soban. He has been given a new lease on life! I would highly recommend that you reach out to Mustafa first, especially if you think your case is impossible to overcome… he will make it happen!! And he doesn’t make it about the money but to help you get back on track. Thanks to you both and God bless
★★★★★ on a day of distress, I went to the church at 1 Am crying in despair asking God to guide me and put in my way a lawyer blessed by him to help me, I spend 2 hours crying in front of the church on the street I googled “the best criminal lawyer” I found Mustafa, so I called him at 6 am he answered me, not only he answered me but he scheduled an appointment for me on the same day, I was in despair, crying not knowing what to do, he reached out his hands and calmed my heart and promised me to get me out of trouble, he kept his promise. He was the advocate sent by God. I have no words, he didn’t leave me alone even when I didn’t have money, he was so patient, and I appreciate the patience he had with me because I kept calling and crying, he was not only my lawyer but also my friend in the moment of pain. Today in free thanks to Mustafa, he is the best lawyer I could ever met.
★★★★★ Nick and his team were amazing! Very professional, responsive and very sharp. This was my first experience with a lawyer, we had David Goodman.(on behalf of my husband) and he made me feel comfortable, safe with anything I had to say. He did the work and got it done right! I’m very satisfied with their service and I highly recommend them! I get to pick my husband up and bring him home tonight. Thank you David!
★★★★★ Nicholas is very nice and helpful. He’s giving all the possible options and honest advices at the first call. Very detail. You will get the idea what to expect for each options and decide what the best for you. I called him pretty late at night but he’s still give me very detail advices so strongly recommended.
★★★★★ I recently hired Nick to represent a close family member and might I say him and his team did a fantastic Job. From the first day to the last his firm kept me informed and looked after all my concerns and needs. His team kept nothing hidden from me on the process whether it was bad news or good news he was straight up and truthful, I was fully informed and educated all the way through. Unlike most legal support I’ve hired in the past, Nick and his team genuinely care for there clients, even after the case was dealt with he went above and beyond to do some further work to make things easier for my family member which I hired his firm for. Anyone who requires legal assistant, I highly advise you give Nick a call, you will see immediately once you talk to him why he and his team are the right choice to resolve your matter.
★★★★★ Nick and Vadim were of great help when it came to dealing with my complex case. They were able to get me the best possible outcome based on the facts of my case and keep me informed every step of the way. In the end, my criminal charges were withdrawn and I was offered a very reasonable plea deal. I recommend using their expertise and experience over any other criminal defense law firm in Ontario!
★★★★★ Mustafa Sheikh was extremely professional and helpful at a time when I needed it the most. Mustafa made himself available to me anytime 24/7 if I needed anything at all regarding my case. I highly recommend WhatTheLaw. Mustafa was an awesome representative to have on my behalf, he’s tenacious and a great negotiator as well as very caring and compassionate. He was able to put me at ease and made what was a very difficult situation quite painless, I wouldn’t think twice about retaining his services again if I ever need legal advice or help in the future.
★★★★★ First, a huge thank you to Mustafa Sheikh! He is a fantastic; the most trustworthy, professional lawyer who treated me as family; he always tried to ease my mind when I first found that I was in a difficult situation. All his helps and the way of how to guide me through the process makes him a unique and authentic character in the suit of practicing law.
★★★★★ If you are looking for a lawyer who knows the law, Nick your guy. I was charged with over 80 and within 3 months my case was dropped down to careless driving, no criminal record and settled promptly without having to go to trial. I would highly recommend Nicholas to anyone in need of a criminal defence lawyer especially in a DUI case. He knows the law inside out. Nicholas was excellent in communicating with me and made me feel at ease throughout the process. Worth every penny! I am still remembered that, when I first made the phone call for legal advises, he was very patient and provide me clear and concise informations. Most importantly, he told me – ‘do not need to stress out, he will handle everything’ which made me believe that he was the one to get me out of the mess. He got my matter withdrawn completely within 2 months and I now I am headache free. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking legal representation. Again, great great appreciations for everything you’ve done Mustafa!

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